Aug 312014
How To Build Abandoned Railway Lines

Building Abandoned Railway Lines Abandoned railway lines can be found right across the country — across many countries. So why not have one on your model railroad layout? They are a haunting reminder of a different time… and they are a scenic attraction. In this video, ModelTrainStuff shares how to build your own abandoned railway […]

Aug 172014
Working On The Railroad - Creating Intrigue

Working on the Railroad – Creating Intrigue I’m always banging on about creating scenes within your layouts. Here’s another good example… In this short video, ‘utkanmehmet’ shares his two Marklin DB 152s pulling a few old green coaches. But I’m drawn to the scene of the workmen in front – all going about their business. […]

Aug 102014
Making & Painting Rocks for Model Railroad Scenery

How To Make And Paint Rocks For Your Model Railroad Scenery Sure, you can buy just about everything you need for your layout at hobby stores. But sometimes it’s more fun (and cheaper) to make things yourself. In this video, Dan Ashland shares his technique for working with Plaster of Paris to make stones and […]